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What if Tunguska happened in Berlin?

Saw a thing the other day about the Tunguska Event, which was a massive explosion in 1908 caused by what many believe to be an asteroid hitting Siberia. The blast was akin to 30 megaton nuclear weapon (the largest atomic weapon explosion on Earth was the Tsar Bomba by the USSR at 50 megatons). The butterfly effect is when something minor changes causing a ripple throughout everything else eventually. Watching this program, it dawned on me…how would have history have turned out if the asteroid had hit Berlin or St. Petersburg or London in 1908 instead of Siberia?

So Ben Afleck is the new Batman

Who knows, maybe Afleck will make a great Batman or a shitty Batman. I’ll give the guy a chance. I remember back in 1988 when they first announced Michael Keaton was going to play Bruce Wayne, everyone had a collective “WTF?” as the actor last known as “Beetlejuice” and “Johnny Dangerously” was about to play the Dark Knight (I remember there also being some “nerd concerns” about Nicholson playing the Joker as well). Then the movie came out in 1989 and everyone thought it was awesome.


Maybe Afleck will make a good Batman.

Me and video games

I was always bad at video games. Yes, I would buy them, but that didn’t mean I was any good at them. Anything after Frogger or Space Invaders…fuck it, just pure fail on my part. To give you an idea how bad I was, during school when we played Oregon Trail on those old Apple IIe or Macintosh I forget (it was the 80s), I think I had the only caravan that died from either zombies or syphilis (even the oxen) before the first week was out! The second time I played the game, any immigrants in the wagon train decided to go back to Europe and face persecution and the remainder opted to join the natives or a pack of bears or something.



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