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Testing out Open Live Writer

This is just a test using the new Open Live Writer that just came out. My stars, I remember back when Microsoft had Windows Live Writer. Loved using that app. It was easy to use, clean and just got the job done. I know some folks who blog using WordPress will lean towards the main site for posting, but to me I just found that site cumbersome. It honestly kept me from blogging and instead just posting on Facebook. Yeah, perhaps it makes me a lousy blogger, but WordPress’s post page just never appealed to me.

I was sad to see Microsoft basically let its version of Live Writer die on the vine. It was loved and popular. But maybe one would chalk that whole depressing episode as part of the “Steve Balmer era.”  From what I can tell, Open Live Writer doesn’t seem to be owned by Microsoft, basically a re-engineered open source version. To the folks that made this, I say thank you. Please please keep up the good work and keep this alive.  

Anyone remember the movie…

Anyone remember the movie GATTACA?

Test-tube babies: A simpler, cheaper technique?

LONDON (AP) — Since the first test-tube baby was born more than three decades ago, in vitro fertiliz…


Trying out newsgroups for discussion

So I’m into all sorts of debates and discussions about things ranging from Alternate History to Linux. Folks keep saying look up newsgroups. But turns out you need a service to access such. Looking into it, came across Giganews, now they used handle newsgroups for Comcast when I had them. I was also looking into getting a VPN and these folks have a service. Anyways, I’m going to try them out and let you know how it goes.

Our new American economy via robots

The next phase in productivity in the American economy. As one manager at a logistics firm noted, one robot equaled 1.5 humans. That isn’t all bad, robots are helping manufacturing return back to America’s shores, with albeit a smaller human workforce now managing such machines. The labor cost advantages that nations like China or Vietnam will now be edged out by this industrial Skynet. From law work to military air assaults, the machines are everywhere and the future.

Holy cow video game systems were expensive (in today’s dollars)

Video Games Were Insanely Expensive In 1996.

I remember all of these systems, I never owned a Gameboy or a Sega Saturn or a Nintendo 64. But I did have the Super Nintendo and won the Game Gear in a raffle. I did manage to pick up a Playstation on its first day of release. They were expensive when you look back. In today’s dollars, that Nintendo 64 or Playstation was selling for $291 bucks! Actually, that is comparable to what the modern systems are going for. Still, at those prices, maybe a computer might be better??

Going back to Googleland

For the past few weeks, I’ve been toying around with the Microsoft ecosystem.  For several years I had been using several emails from different providers, but mainly from two of the major services.  I had always been weary of using an ISP-based email going back to the days when I used to change services a lot. So I settled, and over the years got used to how one thing work.  Mainly, this had been Google.

I got an Android phone a year back from my cousin, and let me pay him for a sub account on Verizon, it seemed like a good deal at the time.  Of course, I guess, the economy finally took its toll on my cousin and the next thing you know, despite me paying, my line went dead.  Anyways, I needed a new line, and since Verizon kinda sucked by me, I figured why not a different service. Only this time I was going to do something different, I would buy my own phone and try and avoid a contract.  Sticking with the “going different” theme, instead of a new Android-based phone, I went with something new, a Windows Phone.

So Microsoft released this Windows Phone 7 platform, and I have to tell you it ain’t bad. Seeing as how the WP7 platform worked best with Mister Softy’s Live system and that my main Gmail system had become a digital overgrown forest, I figured why not go back to MSN?  Someone at PCMag said that the new Hotmail setup was damn good now, almost better than Gmail. So I went back to it and gave it another go.

Folks, yes Hotmail is pretty good up to a point, but the rest of Windows Live is rougher than sandpaper.  You would think that on IE9 it would be smooth. Forget it.  Whomever designed their Calendar system and Skydrive should be taken out and beaten with wooden cane. As I just said, Hotmail was good up to a point. That point being the address book. Now, if there ever…EVER was way NOT to design an email address book, then the one on Hotmail is the best example. All of this wrapped in a cloak of user unfriendliness. Microsoft learned virtually nothing from its rivals.

To call Windows Live’s user controls system a Rube Goldberg method would be an understatement. Many times you click on something thinking it would do what you clicked on it to do. Nope. Take alerts in their Calendar section. It says I have turned off alerts yet they still appear.  But this is indicative of a lot of things with the Live platform.  Skydrive works good on Windows Phone 7, but on your PC it feels disjointed at best.

Its really a shame, because I honestly thought I could diversify in this type of thing.  Perhaps its a built-in bias born from years of using one platform. This must be what Mac users go through when transitioning to a Windows or Linux desktop platform. Well, suffice it to say, I gave it a go, I really tried. But I think starting this week I will return back to using Google’s services.  They just seem to have their act more together than Microsoft.