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January 2012

Going back to Googleland

For the past few weeks, I’ve been toying around with the Microsoft ecosystem.  For several years I had been using several emails from different providers, but mainly from two of the major services.  I had always been weary of using an ISP-based email going back to the days when I used to change services a lot. So I settled, and over the years got used to how one thing work.  Mainly, this had been Google.

I got an Android phone a year back from my cousin, and let me pay him for a sub account on Verizon, it seemed like a good deal at the time.  Of course, I guess, the economy finally took its toll on my cousin and the next thing you know, despite me paying, my line went dead.  Anyways, I needed a new line, and since Verizon kinda sucked by me, I figured why not a different service. Only this time I was going to do something different, I would buy my own phone and try and avoid a contract.  Sticking with the “going different” theme, instead of a new Android-based phone, I went with something new, a Windows Phone.

So Microsoft released this Windows Phone 7 platform, and I have to tell you it ain’t bad. Seeing as how the WP7 platform worked best with Mister Softy’s Live system and that my main Gmail system had become a digital overgrown forest, I figured why not go back to MSN?  Someone at PCMag said that the new Hotmail setup was damn good now, almost better than Gmail. So I went back to it and gave it another go.

Folks, yes Hotmail is pretty good up to a point, but the rest of Windows Live is rougher than sandpaper.  You would think that on IE9 it would be smooth. Forget it.  Whomever designed their Calendar system and Skydrive should be taken out and beaten with wooden cane. As I just said, Hotmail was good up to a point. That point being the address book. Now, if there ever…EVER was way NOT to design an email address book, then the one on Hotmail is the best example. All of this wrapped in a cloak of user unfriendliness. Microsoft learned virtually nothing from its rivals.

To call Windows Live’s user controls system a Rube Goldberg method would be an understatement. Many times you click on something thinking it would do what you clicked on it to do. Nope. Take alerts in their Calendar section. It says I have turned off alerts yet they still appear.  But this is indicative of a lot of things with the Live platform.  Skydrive works good on Windows Phone 7, but on your PC it feels disjointed at best.

Its really a shame, because I honestly thought I could diversify in this type of thing.  Perhaps its a built-in bias born from years of using one platform. This must be what Mac users go through when transitioning to a Windows or Linux desktop platform. Well, suffice it to say, I gave it a go, I really tried. But I think starting this week I will return back to using Google’s services.  They just seem to have their act more together than Microsoft.

Much ado about nothing with Romney and firing

OK, I’ve seen this Romney video clip of him talking about firing. I don’t understand what the big fuss is about? Who here hasn’t fired a company providing crappy services before? Who hasn’t switched mobile phone providers? What about cable television providers? The same with employers, why should they retain someone who is not doing their job? I’m not a Romney supporter, but holy crap, what he said isn’t exactly blasphomy. We’ve all done it.

The Trading Gods talked to me last night

I couldn’t sleep last night. Six or seven times I kept waking up. Something was telling me to go to my desk and punch up my charts. I was frustrated and a bit angry that I couldn’t sleep.

“Meh…what the hell, why not?” I said to myself. Perhaps, looking at a bunch of boring stock or commodities charts at 3 am would finally put me to sleep. At best, I could still catch the European open and catch some action in the forex market.

Looking at an SPX daily chart, something told me to bring up some volatility studies and my old pals MACD and RSI.

Another example of why the Iraq War was wrong.

Watching CNBC’s documentary “The Baghdad Job” served as another reminder of how wrong the Iraq War was and how ineptly the Bush Administration handled the whole operation.  How could you do something so important so half assed? Now we’re on the hook for the missing billions.

This also reminds me of why this election is important.  Watching all the Republican candidates speaking of foreign affairs, only one candidate has repeatedly spoken about not repeating the mistake mentioned above.  Yep, you guessed who I was hinting at…Ron Paul!  While I’m not exactly a super fan of the Texas congressman, he’s the only one of the GOP presidential nominees who hasn’t called for a war with Iran.

I want to say our current President wouldn’t also be such a hawk against Iran. But these days? I’m not so sure anymore.  I look at Iraq and ask “can this happen again?”