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March 2012

Arizona here we come!

In 24 hours, my father and I will be on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief heading to Flagstaff. My sister, Tina, surprised him and I with tickets and room and board. For a while now we both had been wanting to see the new great grand kids (or great grand nephews in my case) for a while now. He refuses to fly so it was either driving or the train, the former also not doable and the latter a tad out of my budget.

At 86, this could be the last time my father sees his daughter a d the rest of the family who reside out West. His sister, my aunt, is a few years younger but in poorer health. So the timing couldn’t be more critical. He should see them, and it pleases me that this is finally happening.

Now this isn’t going to be a typical vacation. I’m disabled and my pop can hardly move. Neither of us really care about visiting tourist sites. It’s just going to be family.

I gave never taken a cross country trip on a train and the last time my father took one JFK was President. So this should be fun! I am hoping to take pictures as the Southwest Chief traverses across the Great Plains and the desert states. Amtrak informed me that there is no internet, so any blogging may have to be done via my Windows Phone. While in AZ, I promise to blog. At the very least to provide something of a picture catalog for the family. But, fear not dear readers, i will keep with the blogging ethos and share with you everything I can.

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