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April 2012

We need to start looking to ourselves, because the problem is here not over there (something of a rant)

There are two excellent articles in Foreign Policy that I came across. Both covering similar topic which both are by David Rothkopf. The first is an interview with the Financial Time’s Ed Luce who wrote a book, “Time to Start Thinking”, which is essentially a modern version of Alexis de Tocqueville’s famous classic, “Democracy in America.” The second piece is much shorter, and basically highlights the same theme only adding in the additional critique that we should stop looking for external enemies. If you have the time, I say read these, its just about spot on.

Since 1992 this country’s political class has been looking for a grand distraction following the end of the Cold War. Why? Because its easier for them to have you focus on foreign threats (albeit some are real, but most are inflated beyond their reality) supposedly against the American public versus the more acute threats inside our country. The political class first got this relief, as the article notes, during World War 2. Roosevelt actually was tackling the real problem until a true bigger threat emerged. But when the war was over, their were still domestic problems to be looked at. But nope, why get the people ginned up for that when we can say “WATCH OUT..COMMIES! LOOK OVER THERE!”.

We need to look at ourselves, people. The 15% unemployed or underemployed, that’s a threat. Our fiscal situation where there is talk of Social Security now possibly cutting benefits by 30% in exactly 4 years, that’s a threat. Our education system is broken, where college costs are inflating beyond reason, that’s a threat. Our bridges and roads and sewers and infrastructure is crumbling rapidly putting us in danger, that’s a threat. Our culture is warped. Our kids are killing kids. Gated communities, illegal immigration, your purchasing power decreasing every year, fraud, social immobility, rising bureaucratic regulations, the fact that about 90% of the House races are basically noncompetitive , shit the list goes on. These are symptoms of a much larger threat. But go ahead, listen to the those who are in the leadership circles in the political class pining to blame the brown man or the one who can’t speak English, or the gays or the one clinging to their Bible or whatever if you want.