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December 2012

Another example of why dogs are awesome!

When their blind eight-year-old dog went missing from their remote Alaskan home in a heavy snowstorm, the Grapengeter family felt sure they’d never see her again. But after more than a week of searching in temperatures as low as minus 40C, Abby, a brown-and-white mixed-breed whom the Grapengeters rescued from an animal shelter as a puppy, turned up safe and sound at the home of a local vet.

via Blind dog finds her way home in depths of Alaskan winter – Americas – World – The Independent.

Simply remarkable, and Abby the dog beat the odds. Blind, in a snow storm, honestly this sounds like a plot for a dog movie like one would see in the old Benji films. It pleases me that the family got their dog back. The dog is more than just an animal, they are family AND then some, if I may be so bold. This isn’t the first story I’ve heard of a lost dog traveling long distances to find its way back to its owners (even at a new place!). Yet, I have to wonder, would a cat be able to do this??

I had a blind dog, he was a little thing, when I was a child. Gizmo though was a true sport and a gentleman (if dogs can be such things). Though he didn’t care for the fact that my mother had a penchant for moving furniture around, he was always able to quickly adapt to the new layout. And while he couldn’t see, his nose more than made up for it, and so did his ears. I mean he had like Matt Murdock/Daredevil like senses, able to pick up stuf that even other dogs could not.

Gizmo was my first dog, no one wanted to buy him at Petland because he was blind. Being disabled, I knew what it was like to be different and deep down knew that this little blind Shih-tzu was gonna be my dog. We were the best of friends, though he really, you could say, he was more my dad’s friend! LOL That old man and him, they had some real adventures when he took him out for “walkies.” Gizmo later got sick, I won’t go into the whole story now, but he did actually wait for my father to come home from work to finally say his last good bye. It was truly a sad day that late August of 1994.

So I can only imagine what it was like for the Grapengeter family when Abby went missing. But look at what happened! Its stories like this that make me believe that there indeed is a God and/or good in this world. What a Christmas gift!

So Spidey has joined Captain America and Superman in faux death.

The death of Peter Parker in Spider-Man is crazier than that half ass marketing attempt by DC a decade or so back when they “killed” Superman. {Spoilers alert} So Doctor Octopus finally wins at the end of the day and manages to kill Parker. But then it gets even more ludicrous is that Spidey’s killer swaps bodies and Doc Ock becomes the new as he call himself, the “Superior Spider-Man.”

Copyright © 2012 Marvel Comics
Copyright © 2012 Marvel Comics

My guess is that like with the deaths of Superman and Captain America, this new Spider-Man will also soon find himself extinguished and the late Peter Parker will be back. The first big time death of a major hero was Superman and the media went hysterical over it. DC handled it in a fakakta matter with bringing him back via all these different guys pretending to be Superman. At the end of the day the publisher brought back the real on, showing you that nothing stays dead in comic books. The same will be for the real Peter Parker, so nobody get excited.

Japan’s Abe just gave every currency trader the green light to short the Yen!

Incoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated calls for the Bank of Japan to conduct bold monetary easing to beat deflation by setting an inflation target of 2 percent.

Abe, to be sworn in as Japan’s next premier on Wednesday when he is also expected to name his cabinet, said his new government hopes to sign an agreement with the BOJ to aim for 2 percent inflation, double the central bank’s current target.

via Japan’s Abe: No Fiscal Reform Unless Deflation Is Defeated.

To accomplish this goal, Japan is going to have to print a lot of Yen. Those printing presses are going to go on day in and day out. Even digitally, as the government tries to introduce more of the currency to obtain velocity, the pressure to devalue will be enormous! Exporters are going to love this, that’s for sure. Maybe its time to go long something like Toyota or Sony? I know one thing, my screens will be focusing on USD/JPY and EUR/JPY and any other derivative for a while!

Holy cow video game systems were expensive (in today’s dollars)

Video Games Were Insanely Expensive In 1996.

I remember all of these systems, I never owned a Gameboy or a Sega Saturn or a Nintendo 64. But I did have the Super Nintendo and won the Game Gear in a raffle. I did manage to pick up a Playstation on its first day of release. They were expensive when you look back. In today’s dollars, that Nintendo 64 or Playstation was selling for $291 bucks! Actually, that is comparable to what the modern systems are going for. Still, at those prices, maybe a computer might be better??

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