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January 2013

Fundamentalists once again proving what monsters they are!

Texas Public School Teaching Kids That Jews Practice “Flawed Religion” and that Blacks Are “Descended from Ham”

A Southern Methodist University religious studies professor found instances of students learning a literal interpretation of the Bible, and some racist obsessions of the religious right.

January 21, 2013  |    


A new  report put out by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund reveals that in several public school classes on the impact of the Bible on history have found classes teaching from a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian standpoint.

A Southern Methodist University religious studies professor Mark Chancey found instances of students learning a literal interpretation of the Bible, that the earth is approximately 6,000 years old and that Judaism is a “flawed and incomplete religion” with materials “designed to evangelize rather than provide an objective study of the Bible’s influence.”

via Texas Public School Teaching Kids That Jews Practice “Flawed Religion” and that Blacks Are “Descended from Ham” | Alternet.


These fundamentalist bastards, I swear these freaks are good for nothing and will be the death of us all! This is child abuse on an epic (I bet you thought I would say biblical, didn’t you?) proportion! And you wonder why I have my issues with organized religion? This is one of the reasons why! Teaching kids some wacky interpretations of what they think God said and pointing out how some of their classmates are…oh why I am even going on with this.

Look, you have to be on guard to make sure your school, especially private school if you are paying $$$ for, isn’t teaching this garbage. I don’t think even good o’ Catholic Schools went this far, did they?

Tell me how teaching Jews are flawed and African-Americans deserved what they got helps anyone in this country?!? What monsters these educators are, no wait, they’re not educators, that title is too good for these intellectual pedophiles!

My red night cap juice

Having what I call a “red night cap” (no its not a certain booze…but don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind.), this one isn’t so sweet, but it does have some good nutrients and detoxing agents:

1 grapefruit
3-4 carrots
1 handful of strawberries
2 tomatoes
2 red apples

One would assume that the juice of the carrots would sweeten it up, but the grapefruit dominates here. Going to let these good stuff work their magic tonight as I sleep.

Juicing diet update for the day

Today I wanted to try something new and bold. Pears were on sale the other day so I picked up a bunch at Jerry’s Fruit Market (they have some of the best prices on fruit and veggies in the Chicago land area!). For breakfast today, I had used the following recipe from Joe’s website:


2 Nashi Pears
2 Green Apples
2-3 Sticks of Celery
1 Lemon

It worked out very well. Sweet but not too sweet. Regular pears were substituted for Nashi ones and I threw in an extra Granny Smith Apple as well. Tomorrow I’m going to have to try another different pear recipe from Reboot with Joe.

In the meantime, I did something daring by coming up with my own damn concoction! Now I’m a lover of spicy foods, from Mexican to Kung Pao Chicken, its one of my secret sins you could say. This afternoon, just before typing all this up, I looked to see what I could add from the fridge. Bad news was I was running out of veggies, the good news was that I had some peppers left.  Let the voodoo begin!

Here’s what I had for my “Afternoon Kick”:

3 tomatoes

2 handfuls of spinach

2 celery stalks

1 orange (what the hell, why not?)

3 carrots (they were the last three might as well add some color, eh?)

1 red bell pepper

1 habenero pepper

1 cayenne pepper

and because I hate myself, I even used a few drops of  Tapatío hot sauce and a touch of Bacon Salt (once again..why not?)!

I won’t lie to you, this will clear your sinuses. The drink is EXTREMELY intense, but not exactly 4 alarm fire hot. More akin to ordering Popeyes Chicken spicy actually. But it was good, the tomato and peppers really come out as the strongest flavor followed by the celery. Now when the machine starts the juicing processes, you see the orange and red from the carrots and orange start fighting along with the colors from the pepper (oddly enough the cayenne was a clear color), the end result was something that looked like a pea soup…or one that came from the bowels of Hell! Just kidding, but the damn drink does have a kick to it. Fair warning.



One of my favorite forms of music that most of my friends don’t know (which I guess reading this they will now) has been Opera. When I was younger I never understood it. Opera is traditionally sung mainly in Italian or Germany or even French; though there are now also many in languages such as Russian and even English! I could never get into it because of the language barrier and trying to figure out what was going on in the story, as mentioned the libretto was mainly in a foreign language. Still I wanted to get into it, as I loved classical music, why not this? Eventually, the philistine in me learned to appreciate the art that is opera.

Below is a production of Tosca, originally by Giacomo Puccini. The story takes place in Rome over the span of a day (actually starting in the afternoon then through the evening and into the next morning). The plot is actually something one would see perhaps in a Quentin Tarantino movie or one of those soap operas one sees on television, as it has murder, suicide, betrayal centering around the love of Tosca to a painter, all in the background of the defeat of Napoleon.

Now the version below has English subtitles, as I would like you to understand what they are saying as you are enjoying the wonderful singing and music. The video is 2 hours long, but is well put together, you may want to find a relaxing position. Enjoy!

Juicing Update

So far so good with these juicing recipes I’ve been using. I have not felt sluggish at all. Indeed, yours truly hasn’t even had a cup of coffee in 2 days! I also have not touched one piece of processed food, especially junk food. At first, my body felt weird, but it acclimated to the juices. The nausea that I used to wake up to has disappeared. And my eyes do not hurt as well. My urinary tract infection, which even my urologist has said was now “off the books” seems to have abated as well. I’m going to keep up with this fruit/veggie juice thing for a while more. They do seem to detox my body. This morning, I had the following which was quite good:

1 1/2 cups pineapple
1 orange
1” piece of ginger
4 oz coconut water


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