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July 2013

So I bought a comic book

I purchased my first comic book in 11 years today. Some indie title called Lazarus (like the dude in The Bible, only it’s a female and has nothing to do with said book) that caught my eye on Comixology on the iPad. I’m way behind the curve ball on your major titles like Spider-man or Batman or your Avengers. And I wanted to give some new folks a chance.

The premise is essentially some woman who reminded me of that vampire heroine from the Underworld series only she isn’t a vampire. Takes place in some dystopian future where the United States resembles some sort of Medieval Slavic serfdom and the Italian City States only with cars and tractors. Who knows, maybe it is good maybe it will turn out bad. All I know is that I purchased a comic for the first time in over a decade.

Social Networking and Life Redo

I’ve been thinking of leaving Facebook again. This has to be the 7th time that I’ve been thinking about this. Frankly, its absorbing a lot of my online life. Almost all my friends are on there, and I’ve met many great people on it. One person in particular that I would have only met through Facebook gave me a stroller for my disabled dog!

But it is still a time gobbler. Worst yet, its come at the expense of my blog. No, please don’t confuse me with one of those folks who literally spends hours on Facebook. Far from that, though it got me thinking if I could have become one of those poor souls. Stuff that I would have posted on my blog has instead ended up on Facebook. And honestly why bother? Everything you post ends up being used in some database to sell your information. And it seems to be the same folks responding, or I should say arguing. Still, leaving that social network, I’m going to miss many things like the pictures and posts related to dogs. But here again, that’s a double edge sword. I’m finding with all the awesome dog posts there are posts about dog fighting and other horrors our four-legged friends face that have been getting to me.

Facebook seems more and more to me like the “Walmart” of the internet. Do you know what I mean by that? That its this big boring box that once in a while you may find something of interest but you know that somehow that merchant is doing something wrong with you. Like I said, I’ve neglected my blog. Maybe its because I’m generally lazy. I should have been spending more time on the blog. Facebook has made my brain soft. No wait, that’s a bullshit answer, let me retract that. I’m using Facebook as an excuse to just not be more creative online.

No, I have to push myself. Like my current struggle with my weight, I need to push my brain as well. That’s why its time I rethink how I engage the internet. Primarily, I need to focus it in a way where I can be creative. So yeah, fuck it, I’m going to cut down on Facebook, maybe even ditch it. I’m already on G+ (Though that’s a bit of a ghost town, eh?) and Twitter. Holy shit, I’m all over the place! No wonder I can’t get any of my personal shit done. Yeah, something or somethings have got to give, and its going to start with Facebook!

Detroit goes BK

Detroit files biggest-ever U.S. municipal bankruptcy | Reuters.


I’m just surprised it didn’t happen 20 years ago. A damn shame how this city went downhill. A while back there was a documentary that compared the city of Detroit with the city of Stuttgart in Germany. Both metropolitan areas are each nation’s automobile centers. What intrigued me was how in Germany there was an industrial and civil policy to maintain that region’s economic viability, an active partnership between that industry and the state. Whereas in Detroit, the opposite occurred. Of course Motown put all its eggs in the auto basket whereas Stuttgart diversified. Chicago at one point was in a similar danger.

We also cannot deny the other major political reasons and social issues that helped keep the city down. Both Detroit and Stuttgart were under multi-decade rule of a party, the Democratic Party for Detroit and the Christian Democratic Union in Stuttgart. Yet one city opted for more pragmatism that helped it thrive to today and the other into race-based opportunism and cronyism and corruption that lead it to its present condition.

Me and video games

I was always bad at video games. Yes, I would buy them, but that didn’t mean I was any good at them. Anything after Frogger or Space Invaders…fuck it, just pure fail on my part. To give you an idea how bad I was, during school when we played Oregon Trail on those old Apple IIe or Macintosh I forget (it was the 80s), I think I had the only caravan that died from either zombies or syphilis (even the oxen) before the first week was out! The second time I played the game, any immigrants in the wagon train decided to go back to Europe and face persecution and the remainder opted to join the natives or a pack of bears or something.