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August 2013

So Ben Afleck is the new Batman

Who knows, maybe Afleck will make a great Batman or a shitty Batman. I’ll give the guy a chance. I remember back in 1988 when they first announced Michael Keaton was going to play Bruce Wayne, everyone had a collective “WTF?” as the actor last known as “Beetlejuice” and “Johnny Dangerously” was about to play the Dark Knight (I remember there also being some “nerd concerns” about Nicholson playing the Joker as well). Then the movie came out in 1989 and everyone thought it was awesome.


Maybe Afleck will make a good Batman.

Anyone remember the movie…

Anyone remember the movie GATTACA?

Test-tube babies: A simpler, cheaper technique?

LONDON (AP) — Since the first test-tube baby was born more than three decades ago, in vitro fertiliz…


Boredom should not equal murder!

This whole story about that Australian college student getting gunned down by those three wannabe gang banger thugs just has me wondering how people’s mentality can degrade to a point where human life out in the real world means nothing. They were bored, so in their minds it was OK to find anyone to kill. What the Hell breeds such sociopathic thinking? This whole gang banger mentality is, as I’m guessing everyone here will agree, a fucking cancer on society (like religious fundamentalism). No, I’m not bashing Hip-Hop, please don’t take it that way, I know many who are into that who are fantastic human beings.

No, this is like some..some sort of mental and moral corruption happening here. It would be easy to blame the gun, God knows if those monsters didn’t have access to one that perhaps that young man would be alive, but I suspect that perhaps they’ve could have easily used a bat or some other weapon. But it isn’t just these gang bangers, you’re seeing this callousness from many parts of society. How many remember the GOP debate where the question if someone didn’t have insurance that person should essentially get screwed and die? You had people fucking cheering that this hypothetical person should die! I guess I go back to my original question, how can someone’s mentality degrade where human life out in the real world means nothing?

No doubt those in the “Pro-life” movement are going to cite the 50 million plus abortions as a testimony in the general degradation of the attitude towards life. But I think that is too blunt. The average American does not go around saying “fuck Humanity, I don’t care if I run over a child!” From my observation, the average person is just trying to survive and left alone, basically live and let live. But what we are seeing now is more acute, packed into incidents like Columbine or the Colorado shooter or a mother who leaves her kids in a car and drives it into  pond. More and more, it seems as if what we are witnessing a massive mental health situation. While not every child or the majority of children are ticking time bombs of psychopathy, we are seeing more and more kids just shift into these savage predators. In the UK there are numerous stories of youth stabbing people, while here in the US the force used is the gun.

Can we as a society just take a pause and examine the situation? See what is leading to this wave of life ending horror being perpetrated by those whose lives are still in the beginning phase? What are the causes? I don’t believe that there is just one isolated reason. Some will say its a lack of two-parent families while others are saying its inequality or the general destruction of the social contract. What if it is both and more? What if its drug abuse along with the collapse of the family and the social contract? Too many questions and we need to seek answers starting yesterday.

What if the story of Noah’s flood in The Bible was really about a comet impact?

Watching the History Channel this morning and they have this program about asteroids and comets that have hit the Earth over the past 4 billion + years and their craters and effect of such impacts. They think the last major impact on Earth with a comet may have been over 2,000 years ago. Now I’m not a big believer in the literalness of the Bible, I think they are all basic parables and stuff. Nor am I big on the whole Noah story, but what if that story was really some sort of eye witness account of an impact from a comet?

I’ve seen several educational shows about asteroids and comets in the past whether on one of the two History Channels or the Science Channel. These shows explain that it isn’t if the Earth can be hit by one of these celestial bodies but when. One of these shows, The Universe, had a portion where scientists said they recently discovered a massive crater deep in the Indian Ocean. Perhaps that’s the physical proof that some large body from outer space hit the Earth during Noah’s time?

Now the story in Genesis, to me, is just a story. For when they said the world flooded for 40 days and 40 nights, one has to keep in mind that the authors are saying this from their perspective. To them, the “world” only extended as far as they knew it, which could have been Asia and part of the Mediterranean Sea.  But while I don’t think some deity convinced  some antediluvian patriarch and a few of his family members to build a boat that allegedly saved all the world’s animals. I do have to wonder if this fairy tale and others in the various sacred religious texts are in reality just accounting for some historical events that have been lavished with these other props.

Trying out newsgroups for discussion

So I’m into all sorts of debates and discussions about things ranging from Alternate History to Linux. Folks keep saying look up newsgroups. But turns out you need a service to access such. Looking into it, came across Giganews, now they used handle newsgroups for Comcast when I had them. I was also looking into getting a VPN and these folks have a service. Anyways, I’m going to try them out and let you know how it goes.