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February 2014

Will we even have a real market in broadband?

Comcast, the nations #1 Cable television/Cable Internet provider, is set to buy TimeWarner Cable, the nations #2 Cable television/Cable Internet provider. Given that there really is no cable television and internet markets (AT&T and Verizon both froze their roll out in Comcast and TimeWarner’s territories..hrmm). Satellite maybe national, but here too only 2 providers with almost similar pricing for television to each other and neither offers a serious internet package (ClearWire, despite their claims is not available everywhere). There is no real national broadband competitor, if there were we would see pricing similar to say Korea or parts of Europe.

The two largest cable providers along with the the two largest mobile phone providers (actually mainly Verizon) have for the past 5 years managed to get through local legislation barring local competition, especially from any public initiatives (think municipal wifi), Hell, they even managed to kick Google’s ass in several attempts to get Google Fiber going. If the DOJ and FCC approve this (Comcast does have clout), then I fear that any chance in a real market for broadband and television will be severely curtailed.