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March 2014

The technical flaw in Hobby Lobby’s case.

There is one technical flaw in Hobby Lobby’s argument, it is a corporation. If the owners wanted to apply their “religious views” upon their business, that is that the business truly reflects their views, then they should have remained a sole proprietorship or partnership. When you’re an SP, there is legally no difference between the business and the owner. When you incorporate, you are officially telling your state that X is a separate legal entity to you, which affords certain legal protections. The owner could hold any faith or religious views it wants, but your firm, if incorporated, is a separate legal body. The only time this is not the case is if you incorporate as a type of non-profit organization akin to say the Salvation Army for example.

Of course all of this could have been easily avoided by simply de-linking healthcare and employment. We all know how employers came to be offering health insurance plans. But that was a different era. Those benefits should have been terminated decades ago allowing the market to develop an alternative forcing employees to come up with their own plan or some sort of alternate public system.

Another thinking that is striking here is the composition of the health plans in the Exchanges. Why can’t there have been plans tailored to males and females? Prior to the “Obamacare” passage, we had that. Now everyone is mandated to buy the same plan with a ton of stuff they would never need, for example why would men need pregnancy coverage?

Burger time

We do not have an In -n- Out Burger joint by me in Chicago. So, while visiting family, I figured why not see what all the fuss was about, right? For lunch I treaded my brother Louie and my sister Tina to some of these burgers. They always raved about them living here in Arizona. I kinda can see why.

Going on Holiday!


In a few days I will be back in Arizona. Last year my step-niece, Jessica, gave birth to a lovely little girl named Aubrey. I’m looking forward to seeing her and her parents and her big brother, Isaac (who is 3, I think, he’s a grower, you watch, one day he’ll be a linebacker that any football program would love to have!). Of course she isn’t the only reason why I want to come by.

It has been two years since I was last back in the Grand Canyon state. Last time, my father came with and we travelled by train. Actually, first off, I need to make a quick shout out to the person truly responsible for all this, my sister Tina. Like the last trip, she was super generous in providing the way there. In 2012, my father and arrived there via Amtrak, courtesy of my sister. It was a beautiful trip getting there, with our own room and all, but I could only imagine how much it cost her. We are forever grateful of her generous gift and hospitality.

So now it is two years later. My three grand nephews have gotten 2 years older. Christopher and William, Stacy and Chris’s kids, are two wonderful kids. Both love video games (hey, what kid doesn’t, right? LOL). Christopher is showing a talent for musical instruments. Sadly, I have to profess I’m not sure where little William’s talents lie; that’s going to have to be a goal of mine to find out.  I am looking forward in seeing Stacy and Christopher, especially talking politics and economics, both are sharp as samurai katanas in those discussions.

Hopefully, I will get a chance, as mentioned at the start of this piece, to see Aubrey and Isaac. Of course I’m also hoping that includes their parents, Nick (my nephew) and his better half, Jessica, who I have to warn is one of the best Words with Friends player out there! I’m also proud of Nick, he’s got a great heart and I have to say the man is like a Michelangelo of website design. Very proud of the success that they have had.

The last time I was in Arizona, my sister and and my fantastic brother-in-law (and chairman of Tropical-sunset-Arizona-269677the Black Pants Society), Louie were kind enough to escort us all around. While last time we visited my aunt Lally and Uncle Joe, we could not spend the whole day. She was ill, and there just wasn’t enough time. This time around, I’m hoping to see more of them, and their dog, Bozo.

Last, but not least, I have to thank my sister again. Seriously, she is one of the best sisters on the planet. She has been very kind to a no good lug like me. Her and Louie are providing me with a place to stay and chauffeuring my fat ass around. My God, how can I ever repay those two? I don’t deserve to have such wonderful family. But I have them, and I thank God for that. I promise to treat them to something nice.

One thing is for sure, I needed this vacation. For the past few weeks, if not month or so, I’ve been working myself hard. Between that and taking care of my parents have been stressful, trust me my pop could make the Dalai llama pick up a bat and go nuts. Still, I wouldn’t trade it, I love them too much. Look, everyone needs a little break here or there. Doing the same thing, busting your ass, day in and day out, a breather is required. Know what I mean?

It will be very nice to get away from it all, especially the cold. Jesus, has it been cold here in Chicago! A little sun and being in weather that isn’t as cold as a grave digger’s ass is a welcomed change. Just relax, take it easy and enjoy being with some good people!

What if Tunguska happened in Berlin?

Saw a thing the other day about the Tunguska Event, which was a massive explosion in 1908 caused by what many believe to be an asteroid hitting Siberia. The blast was akin to 30 megaton nuclear weapon (the largest atomic weapon explosion on Earth was the Tsar Bomba by the USSR at 50 megatons). The butterfly effect is when something minor changes causing a ripple throughout everything else eventually. Watching this program, it dawned on me…how would have history have turned out if the asteroid had hit Berlin or St. Petersburg or London in 1908 instead of Siberia?