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July 2015

What if Sandra Bland died from a seizure and police negligence?

When I was very young, 10 or so, I was once again in the hospital (Lutheran General to be exact) for..well crap I forget now, what having so many surgeries in my life. Anyhow, I was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) recovering and well the next day I would’ve been in a normal room. Across from me was another boy, I think he was 5 at the time. I remember he had epilepsy, his mom and mine talked to each other (both were of Hispanic origin I recall). Unfortunately, that night, the boy went into an epileptic seizure, the nurses did what they could, but the kid died within moments.

Now I will testify that I’m no expert on Epilepsy. But the fact is that people can die from seizures, not always, but it is within the realm of possibilities.‪ ‎Sandra Bland‬ was an epileptic, she stated so when she was first thrown to the ground by that cop, we all saw in that video. What I’m wondering, that I haven’t seen mentioned in the news, is if Sandra Bland had an epileptic seizure while in that jail cell? And due to negligence by the police, she died from that seizure (either hitting her head or what have you, akin to that boy in the PICU). Could it be possible, that the treatment she received initially by the police officer helped set things in motion? I don’t know, I would love someone who is more educated on Epilepsy to answer that. But what if Bland died from a seizure, the cops figured this out and had an “o shit” moment? Best to make it a suicide to cover up their negligence perhaps? We won’t know, and I will admit that at this point this is pure conjecture. But something, at least to me, isn’t adding up about all this.

This is one of those days


Christ, what a shitty day. And dammit I had a feeling something horrible was going to happen. You ever get that feeling, you know like “don’t do X, it is not going to go your way”? That’s a premonition, right? Your gut also telling you to just don’t go a certain route? Fuck, why did I get out of bed today? Who knows what’s next. Maybe I should just take it easy.