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June 2016

How to handle anger & rudeness

Many years ago, I came across this graphic online about handling anger or rude behavior from someone. Allegedly, this is a teaching from the Buddha. Whether this is true or not, only history knows. But I thought it was an interesting lesson to share with others. I hope you find this as enlightening as I did.

Buddha and anger

RIP Muhammad Ali, Dead at age 74.

By the time you read this, you probably may know that Muhammad Ali just died from complications from Parkinson’s Disease in a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of our greatest sports legends has left this mortal world of ours. Besides being a champion in his sport, he was a champion in his own right as a principled human being. He was the real deal, whom very few could be compared to.

Muhammad Ali

While some would say that some of his political actions, like refusing to serve in Vietnam, should overshadow his many accomplishments. I’m not one of those. Over the decades, Ali has proven to be a champ for human rights and peace just as much as he was in the ring.  Many of his former “political” enemies have long since changed their hearts and minds. He has gone on to be an ambassador for Peace. He has been generous with both his fortune and time. Even as he was struggling with Parkinson’s, he managed to give his best. We were all amazed when he showed up at the Olympics in 1996, and also for all the other deeds.

Muhammad Ali was a true sportsman. He had many opportunities early in his career to sell out, but didn’t.  At the height of his career he walked away out of principle. And principle was the thing that best defined him the most. But he was also the ultimate showman, the man knew how to play the crowd, in a way he was a champion marketer that way as he was in the ring.

But after all the fights, when the last bell had rung, Ali was still there for his fans. He was there to try and build bridges. He wanted a more peaceful better world for his children and the children of his fans and even those that weren’t his fans. One has to wonder if we will ever see a man like him again.

Rest in Peace and Assalamu alaikum (Peace be upon you) Muhammad Ali.

Did the Whopper whop me?

Yesterday something happened to me that I never expected. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t finish a cheeseburger, or more specifically a Burger King Whopper. Only half of it could be consumed. The remainder half, well lets just say three little dogs were very happy half an hour later. I felt bad, my mom decided to surprise us with a free lunch (we had taken pops to the doctor for his physical– pop update coming soon). For some reason my appetite isn’t what it used to be. Time to hang up my foodie hat?