Testing out Open Live Writer

This is just a test using the new Open Live Writer that just came out. My stars, I remember back when Microsoft had Windows Live Writer. Loved using that app. It was easy to use, clean and just got the job done. I know some folks who blog using WordPress will lean towards the main site for posting, but to me I just found that site cumbersome. It honestly kept me from blogging and instead just posting on Facebook. Yeah, perhaps it makes me a lousy blogger, but WordPress’s post page just never appealed to me.

I was sad to see Microsoft basically let its version of Live Writer die on the vine. It was loved and popular. But maybe one would chalk that whole depressing episode as part of the “Steve Balmer era.”  From what I can tell, Open Live Writer doesn’t seem to be owned by Microsoft, basically a re-engineered open source version. To the folks that made this, I say thank you. Please please keep up the good work and keep this alive.  

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